The Hydrogen Transmission Network will provide round-the-clock clean energy, clean water, and hydrogen fuel, using any variety of energy sources (solar, nuclear, tidal, wind, etc.) and any variety of water sources (ocean, swamp, permafrost, etc.) and producing only fresh water and energy, transmissible over long distances. Equal amounts of oxygen will be released into the air at the source and taken from the air at the end. No carbon is involved in the process at any stage.

Solar energy will be used to break down ocean water. Oxygen will be released into the air. Hydrogen will be pumped through special pipes to every residential, industrial, commercial and farming area and will be reacted with oxygen in the air to create clean energy and clean water on demand. Hydrogen will be also pumped to auto stations to power hydrogen-based vehicles.

The hydrogen pipes will be steel on the outside, with special glass/polymer pipe lining inside. Under intense pressure hydrogen will travel at high speeds. The non-reactive inner lining will prevent seepage, creating a safe mechanism with no loss in transmission. Special valves and pressure testers will enable the compression stages and the constant monitoring of the pipes.

At destination, hydrogen will be reacted with oxygen using fuel cells or special steam engines. The energy will be used to make electricity; the pure water, available hot to begin with, will go for consumption and will be recycled into the environment.

The energy efficiency of Hydrogen Transmission Network, from electrolysis to end reaction, has been computed at 50% to 70%. The cost of transmission of hydrogen over long distances has been computed to be cheaper than the cost of transmission of electricity over same distance by factor of 10, as no hydrogen is lost in the transmission, while infrastructure is much simpler and cheaper than the electric grid.

Hydrogen Transmission Network will ultimately replace the electric grid and water system with a single infrastructure, resulting in a wide array of benefits.